15 lutego 2012

Cytaty na dobry dzień

Humorystyczny przerywnik w postaci cytatów z branżowej prasy i jednego systemu – symulakry. Good Day!

Dragon #240
Q: Can a priest resurrect a character even if his head is missing?
Skip: I’d say a priest would have a hard time casting any spells at all without his head, much less  raise dead or resurrection.

Skip Williams has been killing player characters with kindness since 1975 in a campaign world of his own devising [...].

Arneson a sprawa Dallasa Egberta w Pegasus #1
[..] it had nothing to do with the game. It was just so exciting for the media to pick up on. There was even a Canadian newspaper that said Gary and I were cult leaders (I don't feel like a cult leader, but if anyone wants to make any donations...).

Garść pytań z magazynu Polyhedron #13 od pokolenia Red Boxa. ;)
When you go from D&D Basic game rules to the AD&D game rules, is it true that your character dies an you lose everything?

What do I do about a player who wants to carry 200 torches?

When do characters eat?

Fenomenalna symulakra Encounter Critical i kpina z mitycznego „realizmu” w RPG (w stylu chaosiumowego RQ II).
If you are a newcomer, you can enjoy the assurance that this is the only game we know of to include true scientific realism in every system. Combat, especially, derives from actual battle experience and extensive research into the theories of tactical interplay.

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